Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How to Harvest Flax Seeds

April blooms

Flax is one of my garden favorites. I want to spread it widely, so I decided to harvest the seed. Now's the time.

The lovely blue flowers of the flax have fallen off, and the dried fruit is a tiny beige capsule shaped like a bowl.

1. Once the bowl opens, the seeds are ready.

2. Cut off stems with the open heads and beat them against the inside of a bucket. Then, cut off the rest of the stem and roll a small handful of the heads between your palms to crush them. 

3. To separate the seeds from the debris, gently blow on the mix while tipping the bowl so the chaff gets lifted away and over the side of the bowl.

4. See how small the remaining seeds are? 

Originally I thought I would save money. In bulk, the seeds are $30.00 a pound.  

But now, after harvesting approximately .1 gram, which is 1/4550 of a pound, I've decided it's a bargain after all! 

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