Monday, January 16, 2017

Too Much Time in the Hospital - the Top Ten

so ugly I made Bill model it
You've spent too much time in hospitals when: 

1. You think Medicare should allow valet tipping as a payable expense.

2. As soon as you get to the front doors your brain tells your body you crave a mocha. And you know which franchise operates there.

3. You ask for a better room based on your frequent malady points.

4.  You hope for a room away from the nurse's station.

5. You don't expect a nurse to come running when you hit the call button.
wiiiiide wheelchair

6. Even your adult children think the attending physician appears to be eighteen years old.

7. The grandkids stop for pea-sized crushed ice on their way to your room, then critique the room's size, view, decor, and bathroom.

8. You know how to unplug the IV cart and get yourself to the bathroom. 

9. You finally remember to order condiments so you don't have to eat fries without ketchup or drink black coffee.

10. You re-gift skid-proof hospital socks at the holiday white elephant exchange. 

Do you have any to add? 


  1. When you memorise how many channels can watch on the TV lol.��

  2. Add these:
    You know the hospital auxiliary workers by name, and which day of the week they work.
    You know exactly what time the cafeteria people refill the coffee pots in the surgical waiting room.

    1. Janet, that is a lot of time in a hospital! Sounds like you made some friends.


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