Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Not Complaining

Compared to New Yorkers I have nothing to complain about. I've been snowed in for five days, but at least our snow will melt by February and my roof didn't collapse.

We're still well stocked, could get by without milk for a couple more days.

And it's been very productive because I roped Bill into some chores he prefers to excuse his way out of.

All of the spilled flour, spices, and crumbs are cleaned out of the kitchen drawers--all twenty of 'em. 

Upstairs, we pawed through the dressers and winnowed out socks with stretched tops, summer shorts two sizes too big (him) or one size too small (me.) And we wrestled over his flimsy washed to death, torn up T-shirts until I got them into the trash bag. 

I saved the job we both hate most for today. We went freezer diving. 

The problem is that my small chest freezer needs compartments! We'd started with bags to separate the fruit from the vegetables as we preserved last year's harvest. But digging around for the beets you can't see but you KNOW are in there really messes with the system. 

I put on my stretch knit gloves and we formed a two man relay from the freezer to the counter. Bill kept grumbling that we never should have bought a freezer. Three years ago he groused that we should buy one! 

It wasn't so bad. We sorted and repacked, taking mental inventory as we went. 

I made a slushy with left-over lemon popsicles. I'll eat scallops tonight.

He was happy that we found two last bags of beets and greens. I'm happy that we have plenty of fruit to last until the May strawberries come in.  I have more tomatoes, tomato-based broth, and salsa than I can use up before the end of next summer. 

It helped me plan the garden.  I'll tell my friend to grow more beets. I'll plant fewer tomatoes. 

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  1. This is my second try. My whole first comment was lost!��. Pam, I loved this entry and plan to share it with Ray and do likewise when we return to Vancouver to stay!...snow or no snow! We have learned to live with less and although I miss some things, especially in the kitchen, I like the simpler, easier lifestyle...like half empty cabinets and a closet that is not overflowing with things I seldom, if ever, use or wear. I do look forward to tidying and hope I can get Ray to share in the process. Keep writing, dear friend!

    1. Thanks, Judy. You are such a snazzy dresser I can imagine the closet!

  2. We were caught out of town when the blizzard hit west TX the weekend after Christmas so we didn't have any of this fun. But, we're moving in the summer so it will be done.


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