Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mometos like Breadcrumbs Leading Down Memory Lane

My grandchildren have returned home after a visit full of fun. But they left behind little momentos, like Gretel's breadcrumbs, to lead me down memory lane. 

First I found the little ring of stones they placed around an ant lion transplant, to see if it would make a new hole. It did. Then I saw the pile of shells Addie brought back from the beach and spilled out of her bucket onto the porch so she could use the bucket in the sand box.  On the fridge door their chores-for-money tally marks remain. When Bill empties the ice cube trays I think of Keeler doing that job for us (twice a day - big bucks!)

Their comments are written down so I won't forget the laughter of the moment. 

They flew into Raleigh after an all night flight, and we drove directly to the coast. That day we packed in breakfast at a French creperie,  and midday at  the beach. After wave jumping and some body surfing we checked into the hotel where the kids swam some more. By the time they cleaned up for dinner they were tuckered out. My grandson (8) said, "It feels like the morning of today was yesterday." 

me and Addie with our berry baskets
Once home we picked blueberries for breakfast which our granddaughter  illustrated. That's the two of us with our berries and some of the flowers in the yard. That's going to be near my desk until it fades away. 

The kids loved the skenks which scuttled around on the deck, but were uncomfortable with the bugs which found their way into the house. One night they spotted a particularly large spider. It was too big for me to squish, so we called my husband who had just finished his shower. He didn't respond quickly enough so I hollered "Come naked, it's getting away." 

Addie countered, "No! That would just be too awkward for all of us!" How does a 6 year old come up with that? 

We made lots of new memories, and even created a couple of traditions. This was their second visit to the Fourth of July fireworks in Shoals. We spread out our blanket, and they walked across the street for an ice cream bar at a little market. 

Most every afternoon we stopped and just chatted during "happy hour." 

I love that they can picture our home and the yard, which Keeler said was like a park. They love being out in the country chasing lightening bugs and being able to set off fireworks.  Keeler commented that if we move back to Colorado, he won't be able to visit us here. 

Yep, that's the rub. 
newts at Hanging Rock State Park

He must have thought about it quite a bit, because on a grandpa-grandson hike he mentioned that he thinks he's ready to fly by himself now. And when he grows up, he'll buy his own ticket to visit us. He asked Bill, "Should I get it one-way ticket or round-trip?"  

Sounds like he might like to stay. 


  1. How precious! I just got home from 10 days in Pittsburgh with my grandkids. I have wonderful memories too. These moments are gifts from God.

  2. Sherry, do you ever get to have them at your house? I find that particularly satisfying -- and easier on me!


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