Thursday, July 16, 2015

Learning at the Lab

You never know where you'll pick up useful information. Recently, it was at the medical lab.

I usually have the same lab tech so we chat while she tests my blood. Yesterday we traded garden updates. 

She'll have 500 ears of corn to process. (Glad it's not me.) And she has prolific tomatoes, but most are still green. (Ditto.) Except for the Roma tomatoes.

I told her I think the nursery mis-labeled my cherry tomatoes because they are definitely Romas. 

Her too! Where did I buy them?

We figured out it was at the garden center, just up the road from the office.

I felt vindicated, thought I'd carelessly misread the tiny white plant label.  But their mix-up will cost us a year of waiting for home-grown cherry tomatoes. (Unless somebody wants to trade.)

After we solved that mystery I looked down to see I was dripping blood onto my clothes and the floor. She staunched it quickly, but I was chagrined to see  bright red spots on my green shorts. No problemo! She grabbed a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and poured it over the bright red blotches. The peroxide fizzed, we daubed it up, completely eliminating the blood! 

So two lessons learned:

1) Next year I'll buy tomatoes from two different sources--just in case.

2) Hydrogen peroxide can be used for disinfectant, healing, and cleaning. Here are 50 uses.

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