Thursday, June 4, 2015


See how the wisteria vine twisted as it climbed the upright 2" X2"? The wraps brace the plant against wind, allows it to climb and holds it vertical with a relatively small stem. 

Some gardeners warned me against growing wisteria because it could become unmanageable.

I've trained it to additional supports on my deck, and trim it twice a year. As a result it is a compact plant that produces abundant blossoms.

 I watched the plant wind thread-thin corkscrews around the supports which have grown into finger-sized curls. 

The twiners, curlers, and grabbers in the plant kingdom demonstrate a cunning ability. They're like babies latching onto a finger.  

Passion flower, grapes, sweet peas, cucumbers and melons all reach out for support. I'm going to try to harness that capability this year by training some of them to grow up wire mesh.  

Got something twisted in your yard? 

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