Thursday, June 18, 2015

Succulents: the micro version

Really, keeping this drawer inset for 25 years because I might find a use for it is NOT hoarding. It's being resourceful.

I almost threw it out--again--and then decided to act. Instead of filling it with paperwork, I planted micro succulents.  My garden center had a wonderful variety.  I chose those that stood vertically and those that trailed. I liked the one that has pink edges on the fleshy florets. The one in the upper left looks like fat fingers. 

I'm glad I repurposed that drawer liner, it pleases me.

I remembered a bowl that would compliment the colors of the left-over plants beautifully. Had it gone to Goodwill? No!  I still had it. (Not hoarding.)

Tending the plants today I noticed a whimsical element.  Minuscule new growth  sprouts from the serrations. Don't they look like tiny clams? I can't wait to see what happens next! 

I hope the plants stay small, because I don't have a way to care for the giants I photographed at Callaway Gardens. See the April 14th blog, "Super-sized Succulents."

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