Thursday, May 28, 2015

What does your stamp say?

I needed a stamp. The only thing on hand was this one.  I see it and conjure images of hot dogs. I can even hear them sizzle on the grill. I lick my lips over an imaginary plate of potato salad and corn on the cob. Meanwhile I feel the percussion of the fireworks, they pop, whine, and hiss.  A great stamp for next month. 

But the card was in sympathy for a ninety year old woman's passing. Welcome as death may have been to her, it wasn't a picnic. 

Similarly mismatched, this first-in-a-series bill I don't want to pay. I won't celebrate until the darned thing is paid! 

Why don't they offer a stamp for every day bill paying with some serious
Soviet statue named "Duty."

The Motherland Calls courtesy of

Here's a good candidate.

Once I sent out a get well card with the Celebrate stamp. It's as if I was mocking my friend. 

Another time I was under pressure to get 100 stamps. Fast. Post offices near my home only had Malcolm X. I considered. What would you think if you got an envelope from me with his photo, and remembered this quote from him?

"There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak,
 every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on 
how to improve your performance the next time."

It's a wise aphorism, but more fitting to a card of consolation than a wedding. So my daughter's invitations went out late, but with a LOVE stamp.

I need stamps that enhance my message, not contradict it. Or at least are benign. The flowers and landscapes are nice, but my post office never has them. 

How about this one for a Cinco de Mayo party?

Superheroes would be cool for letters to the grandchildren. 

Janis for your forty fifth college reunion. 

I guess I'll have to order a variety pack on-line.

And if you get an envelope with this one, it's from me.  

 All photos courtesy of the USPS website.


  1. The latest one hit me as I am quite the stamp shopper. My husband gives me a hard time about it, but I generally have a variety of stamps for all occasions. One day I stood at the PO counter, had all type of stamps spread out for me to choose. When I made my purchase and turned around, there was a long line with quite a few disgusted looks sent my way. Oh, well….. that post office is usually pretty busy. Patti B.

    1. Patti, thanks for your frequent comments. I really appreciate the encouragement. And I should have known that you would have the right stamps on hand!
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