Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sprigs: like a bride

Gardens are like brides. Every season mine needs something new and something old.

The "new" is a raised garden bed. Carrot, bean, cucumber and beet seeds are just waiting in their little envelopes for their right entrance time. 

When I bought the corners for the DIY frame I chose 12" high sides. But I didn't realize that with the boards warping over the winter, I'd have gaps between the 2X6s that ran the 8 foot length of the beds. Hmm. So I've stapled 1/2"wire over the gap, and am laying landscape cloth across the bottom and up the sides. 

home made compost!

The fine new box needs something "old" -- compost. 

It's been cooking in the plastic barrel for about 5 years.  I'm lazy and haven't turned the pile or kept it evenly moist. 

Bill scraped out the bottom half of the bin. 

I forked through it to remove the peach pits and avocado seeds. (I won't toss those in anymore.) The friable, dark brown soil is nearly a miracle, created by decomposing vegetable peels and grass clippings. Running my gloved hands through the rich product has motivated me to be more active in the future.

As you can see, the flower girls in the lower right hand corner of the raised box couldn't wait for the celebration to begin! 

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