Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tree down! BYO Saw

For fourteen years we've been watching a tall pine in our yard lean further and further toward the ground. 

the leaner's on the far right
We've stood on the porch, hands on our hips, and I've said "Doesn't that tree look like it's leaning more?"

"Yeah," my husband answered, "but it's hard to be sure."

The tree held up one end of my double clothesline. The other end was attached to the swing set which appeared to be in line for a direct hit when the tree eventually fell. But would that be during our tenancy?

This summer the tree guy confirmed that ants had excavated the trunk. The 35' pine would topple sooner rather than later. But he prophesied that when the roots yanked out of the ground, they wouldn't effect my shed.  I removed the tree off of the "urgent" do-list.

We came back from a trip this week, and there it was.

the swing is the little red dot in the middle

Pass the word: Free firewood. Bring your own chain saw. 

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