Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Flower Jelly

Tortillas covered with mashed potatoes, lettuce, tomato and cheese.

I have an international trade agreement with a local woman. She "pays" me for tutoring her daughters with her cooking. We enjoy her rice and the entree above, unique to her region of Mexico. 

Her specialty, however, is the  "gelatina."  She laughed when I asked her where she bought the preserved blossom to go inside.  Her daughters told me she stays up late to make them, and they take a lot of time. I believe it!

Luz really enjoys creating this unusual edible art form.  I felt badly cutting into it to try a bite, it's too beautiful to destroy. 

The texture was more firm than Jello but not as chewy as gummy bears.  It felt unfamiliar in my mouth and tasted like nothing I'd eaten before. My brain was confused because it told my taste buds to expect a different flavor with each color. Actually it was coconut without the fiber.   

I marvel at the craftsmanship.  I appreciate the effort and time she put into it. Her part of our barter is exotic, like a mini-trip to a foreign country.

Wouldn't it be a pretty centerpiece on a cake? Or a little one as garnish on a plate? 

Thank you, Luz, for the gift of it.   

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