Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Call buttons

I happened to need the restroom at the doctor's office. On the wall, next to the toilet was a call button. I hope I never need to push it.

There are call buttons and signals everywhere, except for where I need them. 

On my last flight the attendant told us not to push the call button, because it didn't work and she wouldn't come.

You can subscribe to a call for help bracelet or necklace to wear around the house. But it doesn't work for what I need.

The clothes drier beeps when finished. The iron signals when it's been on too long without being moved.

I need that same kind of switch with a motion sensor that shrieks when the room is empty but the lights are on.

 I need a freezer that loudly alerts me when someone opens the lid, digs around, then wanders off. 

I need a stove that sounds like a fire alarm when I forget to turn it off. Otherwise, I might hear the smoke detectors' annoying screech. 

WoW! I found a gadget I can buy to do just that. I'm sending off for it NOW, before we do serious damage. 

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