Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pavlov and my iPhone

My friends, all senior citizens, meet regularly for lunch. If I'm late I can call any one of them to tell her so. But one of them can't call me, because I never want to wear out the battery on my Tracphone (aka Crap phone according to my son-in-law.)

They can show off their grandkids' antics on their smart phones. I have to lug around my iPad. 

(Forgive the whining--it's all about establishing mood.)

My daughter can navigate from the GPS system on her phone. I use a non-talking paper map.

My sons-in-law speak their appointments and do-lists into their phones. I search for pen and paper to write down the things I need to remember.

I recently learned I could join my kids' phone plan and afford my very own smartphone. It's great for lots of things, but the very best is the ding that indicates an incoming message. Where ever I am, I jump up and hustle to the phone. 

The positive reinforcement is strong. 

This message from one of the grandkids, age 7, is even better than being there.

Her: I am gouging bulging with my frind.
Me: What is bulging?
Her: Where you throw the hevey ball and try to nock down the bluing pins.

Or, sitting in my comfy reading chair, legs up, the shiny "ting" beckons. I throw back the lap robe and hurryto the phone. My reward is a cute photo in "real time."

It only took about 2 days and I was as conditioned to the stimulus as any of Pavlov's dogs.

Ding! What trick do you perform at the prompt of your device?


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