Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Poison Ivy Foe

2" diameter
The fiercest enemy in my garden is poison ivy. I’m wary, like a soldier who knows her foe is somewhere near. If I spot it, I head the other direction.

When I'm lax, I suffer. Abrasive scrubs*, topical creams and special soap alleviate the misery.  If you ever had a skirmish with it though, you know it’s better to avoid the three-leafed scourge.

A friend told me how she and her husband sawed off large hairy vines clinging to a tall tree. The creepers were strong enough to support Cheetah and Tarzan. 

Curious, she checked online to identify it. She was alarmed to discover they’d been mucking about in poison ivy for a couple of hours. 

She ran to the back door. Without a thought to her neighbors within hearing distance, she shouted "Kenny, come inside now.  And take off your clothes!”

*Buy Zanfel online. ebay shows it half price of what our local pharmacy charged, $18.99 instead of $40.00.

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