Thursday, April 3, 2014

Master of Serendipity: artist Priscilla Williams

Mary Mack

Artists are masters of serendipity:
they have an aptitude for making desirable "discoveries by accident and sagacity." (Horace Walpole)  

Sunday Morning

Their creator, is a local artist named 
Priscilla Williams.  Describing her process she says, "when I start...I have an abstract idea, ...however, as I work with the materials my artwork takes on a life of its own." 

Sunday Morning, for example is embellished with black metal curlicues on top of sheet music. The spirals add a dimension to the dress that it wouldn't have if they'd been drawn on. 

Flower Power
This collage is made of metal flowers, colored seeds (I think), feathers and egg shells. The textures are interesting in their juxtaposition. 

Flowers are fragile while aluminum cans are nearly indestructible . And the broken shells are unlike our smooth skin. 

Maybe they represent a person's vulnerability to being broken. (Now I think I'm an art critic!)

I would never think of putting these materials together. 

The curly slices of Coke cans add sparkle to the skirt of the dress at the right. The title is "Can we Dance." Shimmying in this frock would give the dancer bling and jingle. 

I love the whimsey of Lady P's imaginative, recycled creations, and they induced me to return to the library to take more photos.

The collages are rich in texture and invited me to reach out and touch. I resisted!

I contacted Lady P via Facebook, and here's a link to her art page, A Creative Mind. She teaches classes at the Sawtooth School for Visual Arts in Winston Salem, and provides free classes for kids in her own program called Wings. 

I wish her well. 

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