Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Gardener's Wish Books

As children living in a small town, my sisters and I poured over Sears’ "wish book"  for Christmas.

The second wave wish books are arriving now--the garden catalogs. The garden gnomes pick up the pace as the elves slack off. The first catalog arrived  December 27th and I've received four so far. 

The monotony and restrictions of winter lift as I turn the glossy pages. I don't know for sure but I bet the prettier catalogs lure customers to spend more. They conjure images of an Eden-like garden of heirloom tomatoes untouched by blight or bug. Beets thrive in perfectly straight rows, and they don't bolt. Melons spread unmolested by mold or varmint. 

The photos beguile me, and I imagine that from mid-April through October the garden will produce abundantly, without flood, drought, or poor timing.

 The less flashy publications entice me with their variety. Just the tiny picture of a sunset runner bean makes me want to plant a 20' row supported by trellis, so I can see a wall of salmon colored blossoms.

That is precisely my problem. I want them all! Just as I learned that Santa wouldn't bring everything we hankered for, I know my enthusiasm turns into plant lust. And if I give into the temptation, I will eventually be disgusted with myself because I can't get them all planted, or weeded. And on occasion I wish they'd quit producing.

I'll surf the wave of craving, and when it crests in about a month, I'll settle for the basics. But then again, maybe I'll appease the daydreamer within and order something exotic like Creme Brûlée Peppers  or Alvaro melon seeds.

Maybe you'll make a suggestion before I place my order. What do you consider the most flavorful tomato? What new variety have you tried and designate a winner? 

I know many of you have tried to post comments. It's easiest if you have a gmail account.  If you do, please give it a try. One of a blogger's goals is to generate discussion, and I'm batting about 0.020.  

The major leagues wouldn't keep me!

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