Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sprigs: It's 18 degrees, it must be summer somewhere

Gosh golly but it's been too darn cold to even imagine spring. So thank goodness for the equator and regions that can produce long-lasting, graceful alstroemerias in January. 

It's easy to convince myself that if the catalog says you can grow them in zone 7, then I can. (I have found that catalogs vary in labeling a plant for cold hardiness. Be cautious and double check a neutral gardening website for a particular species.)

Despite the supplier's optimistic claim, tall Peruvian lilies have not been successful in my garden. I had a thick stand of the yellow ones for several years. They bloomed well, but there are only a few survivors left. The pink ones sent up leaves but never did bloom.  

If I'd done more research I would have chosen a sunnier-in-the-morning site and heavy winter mulch. I think I know just the spot to try this time. 

In the meantime, I'll hustle back to Lowe's grocery store for my next floral fix, and hope the temperatures moderate.

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