Friday, December 20, 2013

Cups for Claire

A week ago in Colorado a shooter fired on a fellow student and then killed himself. Arapahoe High School is very near our daughter's house, and our grandson's  elementary school went into lockdown.  We were glued to our iPads for news, and the district phoned several times with sketchy updates.

Last Sunday, we drove by Arapahoe High School on our way home from church. The news crews were skeletal and posted across the street. The school parking lot was nearly cleared out. Flowers and stuffed animals lay in a loose pile on the sidewalk. And above them, someone had stuffed the fence's metal diamonds with plastic cups, so that they spelled out "Pray 4 Claire". 

I'd been praying for her and her family, that God would pour down comfort on them.  I didn't want to imagine the damage done by a shot gun blast to the head, and doubted that she could possibly recover to any semblance of her smiling photo. 

When I mentioned the cups to my daughter, she reminded me that physicians had called her healing from a brain injury miraculous. She said she prayed likewise for Claire. 

To me, the cups in the fence represent faith. I imagine the person who placed them there saying a prayer as she shoved each one into place. I hope the day comes when the cups come out because Claire doesn't need the prayers anymore. 

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