Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sprigs: How to Divide Day Lilies

This week is a how-to. 

If you have day lilies that have grown too thick, this is a good time to divide and replant. I found these directions for storing them over the winter. However, the steps are the same if you just need to thin them. I took pictures in case anyone else was hesitant about being too rough with the rhizome. But I'm convinced you can't easily damage them. 

1. Dig up the clumps.

2. Trim off the tops of the plants.

3. Divide the clumps.

4. Lay them out to dry if you are going to store them. Otherwise, replant.

Mine are now layered with peat moss and stored in an old ice chest.  I hope they come through the winter. 

I'll let you know. 


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