Thursday, August 8, 2013

Travel Fit

Last week I had time to watch people at the Seattle airport. I was sitting at the bus pick-up point for the various Alaskan cruises, so lots of folks passed by. There were so many feeble seniors that I wondered if they were on a special tour.  

flcikr, photo by doublewinky
I thought back to another recent flight when my two seat mates (center and aisle) both required wheel chairs down the jet way, were obese, and were barely able to get up out of their seats to let me take mine. What if we had an emergency? I'd be hemmed in, and possibly endangered by their relative disability. 

It made me nervous. 

Airlines can deny boarding to drunk passengers. Do they have other guidelines for other passengers who could hinder safety? I looked up the regulations of the US Department of Transportation, and only under very specific circumstances (unstated in their memo) can the airline require a traveling companion for a disabled person. But if I wasn't mobile, I don't think I would want to fly.  

I am grateful for my relatively vigorous health. As a reality check for the future I made a list. I will quit gallivanting when any of the following three apply:

- My luggage requires a cart.
- Most of my activity takes place in the dining room.
- I can't navigate the airport under my own steam.
- I don't do anything new at my destination.
- KEDS tennis shoes, pants with elastic waistbands, and sweatshirts decorated with wolf faces are my fashion choices. (Maybe that's only for the Alaska-bound.)

At that point, I'll content myself with reliving memories.


  1. Your travel blog was definitely food for thought...scary and humorous at the same time! I had really not considered being penned in by obesity but how true! Got chuckles out of your list...right on target with my own philosophy!

  2. Thanks, Peggy. Here's to hoping we never have to quit traveling.

  3. Great blog! I used your recipe and fond memories of your farm in my latest blog. I hope all is well!

  4. Thanks, Emily. Thursday I'll include some favorite peach recipes. I tried to add myself to your members list. Did it work?


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