Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sprigs: Zucchini--Friend or Faux?

I recently peeled, grated and froze about twelve cups of zucchini for soup and   breads. Made a huge chocolate zucchini cake, too. And a batch of zucchini-potato soup. (It was tasty.) I consoled myself that it was worth the effort because they were good for me.

Curious, I looked up their nutritional information.  To get your recommended daily allowance of potassium you'd have to eat 7 medium zucchini; to get your day's fiber you'd have to eat 12! Just to get your vitamin C you'd have to eat two. 

True, it's fun to watch their explosive growth, but I think I'll put them on the "don't bother" list of vegetables-- faux, not friend.  The critters must feel the same. Since I discovered their true nature, I've been tossing them into the woods at the side of the yard. They remain untouched.

What have you decided to eliminate from your garden? Why?

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