Thursday, August 29, 2013

Driving in the Right Hand Lane

Sometimes I'm amazed my husband and I have managed life as well as we have. We're pitifully ignorant of practical things like heating systems, higher finance, and CARS. 

First principle of our auto-owning philosophy: Buy the best car we can afford, service it regularly , and become friends with the mechanic.

Second principle: Drive in the right hand lane until the car dies.  It's much easier to coast onto the shoulder from there, while the car still has some momentum.

It's worked pretty well. Both cars are right at 190,000 miles. (Commercial break--they are both Toyotas.) 

But we recently had a glitch. (So cute!)

Car One had been repaired. We swapped it with Car Two for its regular maintenance. 

 On Sunday morning, we jumped into Car One but it didn't start. What to do? Bill jumped on his bike, rode the two miles to the garage, and retrieved Car Two. 

Third principle: When your only reliable vehicle is a bike, you're in trouble. 

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