Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sprigs: Bring the Hydrangeas In

Four years ago I planted a hydrangea in hard, clingy, clay soil.  I had to use a  mattock to excavate the hole.

The first year it barely survived.

The second year it added some growth and had one flower.

The third year it filled out with numerous blue heads, contrary to my thin hope.

This year, well, look for yourself. Thrilled with the vigourous blooms I cut a big bouquet. About half of the blossoms shriveled in their vase within a day. 

Then I found this tip online.  For 30 seconds plunge the cut stalks into water that has just boiled. (I poured the boiled water out of the kettle into a jar.) Then arrange them in the vase with cool water. Now they're pert and pretty.  

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