Thursday, July 4, 2013

If You Give a Bird Some Seeds

*If You Give a Bird a Seed...

We leave out seeds and corn cobs for the cardinal family.
If you give a bird some seeds, he’ll probably leave some behind.

Undoubtedly, a squirrel will eat the rest.

We thought he was cute when I took the photo.

Maybe the squirrel will come back later looking for more, and find the grapefruit rind you left out.

He’ll scrape out every last bit.

Most likely he’ll like that so much he’ll sniff for something else. It could be he’ll twitch his sensitive nose and smell the perfectly ripe peach you left on the counter in the kitchen--next to the window.

He may even jump right into the window box, and if he does, chances are he’ll do anything to get to the juicy fruit--even chew a hole in the screen.

But if he hears you coming, he’ll probably jump right back out again.

In all likelihood you’ll think you’re pretty smart to turn the screen around and put the hole up high where he can’t get to it. 

Hopefully you’ll decide to close the window--just in case he returns.

Which is a good idea, because later you’ll find three new holes in the screen where he tried to get in.

He hoped to find the seeds you put out for the bird.

*Thanks to Laura Nummeroff for her circular stories If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, etc.

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