Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First World Problems: A Bridge, A Straw, A Cup

Life throws us big curves sometimes, and we need to save hand-wringing and laments for those.

The rest --they're First World Problems, which is to say, not really problems at all.

For example, on our flight home last week we were delayed an hour. We still made our connection in Chicago, but we didn't have time for a sit down meal. We grumbled, then Bill remembered this video* from a recent sermon.  Shucks, grabbing a ready-made bagel as we dashed through the concourses wasn't hardship. It would have been a feast for a lot of folks.

Likewise, lightening fried the wi-fi router and it took two days to restore service. Look at all the time I saved NOT checking email!

I appreciate the satire of the video. It makes the point with humor, which is easier on the soul than guilt, and more effective in changing my attitudes.

I hope this will make you chuckle, and give you pause to reconsider whether your current life-glich is an FWP. In which case I offer you a bridge, a straw, and a cup. 

*(Disclaimer, the church didn't show the entire video.)


  1. TeeHee
    quite true, unfortunately.
    Bridge, straw and cup.
    Interesting solutions to perceived problems.
    Those are folk that need to visit a few foreign countries. Or even a homeless shelter her in the USA.

  2. Karen, good to touch base with you. Your antidote for FWP is spot right on.


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