Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sprigs: Pulling weeds in public

I admit it.  In public places I have pulled a weed or two. 

Most recently, I was at the NC Arboretum. Actually, there were few flowers and fewer weeds. But I spotted one flourishing weed popping out of new mulch. It had to go. 

It was worse in the botanic gardens in Bursa, Turkey. The pansies, tulips and other spring flowers were glorious. But oh my, those beds were badly in need of weeding. I pulled a few,  but there were too many for me to make a noticeable difference. Maybe their budget doesn't allow for enough gardener hours.

I'm not alone. Milling outside during a conference break,  I looked over the flower beds.  I spied a woman dressed in heels and a skirt stoop down and extricate a few offenders.  

 Is this evidence of unhealthy ocd tendencies? Is it silent criticism of another gardener's work? Perhaps I just can't get enough time with my hands in the dirt. 

What do you think?

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