Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sprigs: planters

Starting today, I will write a short post every Tuesday. (My main post will be Thursdays.)

The Tuesday selection will be subtitled Sprigs, and be related in some way to gardening.

If you have a drill, or even a nail and a hammer, you can turn any container into a planter for your garden. 

I found this trug at a discount store (wish I'd bought 3 or 4). I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage and added a shallow layer of rocks. Then I filled it with dirt, and now have two seasons of flowers planted in it. 

When the daffodils quit blooming I'll put in something short and bushy for the summer.  Plus there are miniature gladiola corms left in it from last year, so they'll add height. 

Looks good, too, don't you think!

There are lots of other ideas on the Better Homes and Gardens site link .

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