Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sprigs: Give a Shout Out for Raised Garden Beds

middle of May

The raised bed may be the most productive garden in my yard. I planted everything closely, using the square foot method. 

I think I'll keep track of the yield, and do my own infomercial later.
So far I've harvested lettuce, chard, one beet with more to come. Everything (except carrots) is going gang-busters.

The beans are thin green strings, two inches long. The cucumbers and melons are thick with blossoms. Somebody suggested I put them in tomato cages to corral them. It'll take advantage of those twining tendrils to guide the plants up, rather than out.

I always thought since I had so much room in my garden I didn't need raised beds. 

 Primarily I built it to tame a wild patch where the weeds conquered ground covers, flowers, and veggies.  This is practically weedless, and the few intruders pull out easily. 

So far the rabbits haven't hopped in, which they did at my friend's house.

Give a shout out for raised beds! 

first week of June

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