Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sprigs: Hugging your Trees

Whether you live in the country or in the city, trees require maintenance. The bigger the tree, the more likely you'll need professional help. I always hire an *arborist instead of the whack-happy guys who massacre trees by topping them.  

Last week's clean-up from a large fallen tree fall morphed into mission creep.  Since he was already here with his very cool cherry picker, it made sense for the arborist to groom trees that could damage the house. He glided up 20-30' off the ground. I secretly wished I could get in there and play with it. I also thought about climbing into the cab of his giant truck to pretend I was driving it.

Digression: I have a bad track record driving untraditional transports. Airline employees make driving the jet way up to the planes look easy. However, each aircraft type needs a different path to the front door. I never could get it right. (I needed jetway driver's ed, but there was no time in the arrival and departure schedule for it.)

One time I backed up and approached the plane so many times my supervisor finally radioed the flight attendants to deplane out the back, and walk the customers up the steps into the terminal. I had an entire plane load of the unhappy  public, and crew, and it was entirely my fault. I surrendered my jetway license without a fight.

Redirect:  Finally the tree guy cut down a couple of nuisances along the drive. 

Once the trimmings fed into the shredder it added up to two large mulch piles. They're a tangible, fragrant rebate, saving us from having to buy a load.  

Some I'll use as-is to refresh the already-mulched paths in the large garden. I'll dose the rest with aluminum nitrate and rake it around to speed the decomposition so it's ready for next year. 

Hopefully the volunteers from the Baptist firewood ministry can carry off all of the trunk chunks as planned and the limbs the shredder couldn't chew. 

Otherwise, we'll be roasting hot dogs, marshmallows, and maybe a pig over what's left. If we do, you're invited over for a picnic! 

* We used Rob Worley out of Virginia, 336-416-4444

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