Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Airport Art

Nonstop flights are the best, but the cheapest flights involve a connection. I've learned to appreciate those stopovers so long as there aren't any delays because they provide:

1) a chance to stretch my legs
2) some good shopping, particularly Seattle, Baltimore, and Cleveland
3) ART!

Here's an underground tunnel in Detroit with a beautiful light show to delight the traveler as she walks from one terminal to another. I like to just stand still and imagine it's the northern lights. 

Art is really the only thing O'Hare has going for it. Check out the link and see more moving color in The Sky's the Limit, by Michael Hayden.

Flying through Nashville, Bill found his favorite type of art--craft beer. But 
 I was intrigued by this display made out of cheap plastic party cups! There's color, shape, and movement as the eye follows the candy-colored snakes. The not-so-retired teacher in me thought it would be a fun project to do with kids.

Airport exhibits humanize the halls, warm the long walkways, and lift the spirit. 

Sometimes they amuse, like this example from Reagan Airport. The "lady" on the hubcap was priced at $400.00  Really?  

Pink Rollers by Thalia Doukas

I don't know where you're going next, but snap some photos of public art in an airport or train station. (I don't know about bus terminals, maybe that's where "Pink Rollers" belongs.) Send them to me and I'll post them in a follow-up blog. 

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