Thursday, November 7, 2013

1,000th Gift

My list of blessings numbered 999.  I decided to hold open the space for number 1000 in case God should surprise me.

 For eighteen months I chronicled all sorts of these little gifts: the colors in the sky, the cardinal feeding his young with the oats my husband put out for him each morning, the powerful sweet scent from the miniature holly flowers, the ordinary and treasured kindness of my husband. Nothing miraculous. No big deal. 

me and Marina 9 years ago!
That very night, with a decidedly ungrateful attitude, I participated in the church's trunk-or-treat project. A feminine voice called "Mrs. Glover!" from across the room. In a second a former student captured me in a robust hug. 

Oh, I really liked this spunky and cheerful girl.  She'd grown into a determined and lovely woman. Her darling 4 year old batman watched us.  She bent over to his level and said, "This is my teacher!" His eyes grew two sizes, and he turned to announce this amazing news to the nearest person.

We updated each other. I got more hugs. I commiserated about a difficulty she had shared via Facebook, but was now thankfully resolved. We promised to get together soon. 

It was a welcome and unexpected reunion. It reminded me of a bible verse. "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father..." James 1:17 

At home I paused before writing of our visit and thought--why quit?  Marina's generous affection finished off the first thousand gifts, and started the second.

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