Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sprigs: Favorite Tools

"his" on the left, "hers" on the right

My garden fork is an indispensible tool. My first one, on the left, broke when my husband got a large rock stuck between the tines. He kept pushing and broke it. For Christmas (ah, he's such a romantic) he had it repaired, and then broke it the same way a second time. That one's sold by Smith and Hawken.

I bought myself the second one which he is NOT allowed to use. 

I use it garden fork to dig weeds (and dig, and dig, and dig), and create a sharper border in my flower beds. I can't garden without it! 

Follow the link to get information on the newer, superior fork from Clarington Forge in England.

What tool do you require for the garden?

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  1. I have a pair of old-style clippers that I love. They came from my Mom and they're all rusted, but they still do a great job. And every time I use them, I think of her.


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